10 Signs That You Should Be a Mom

A lot of times, it is clear to a person that they should be a mom. It’s a feeling so deep in your gut that the thought of it distracts you day after day.

Sometimes people find themselves wondering if being a mom is something that is right for them. Some people don’t realize how ready they are or that it has been what they have wanted but because they have not been faced with the thought then it never really crossed their minds.

If you are thinking of becoming a mom or if you have found out that you are pregnant and you need a little help clarifying your thoughts or feelings about it, then you have come to the right place.

Here are 10 signs that you should be a mom.

Do you have a lot of love to share and want to use that love to bring new life into this world?

I know it is easy to run from this feeling but it is not so easy to hide from it. You might be feeling an overwhelming sense of creating a new life.

This is what it means to have baby fever. Your mind and body are telling you how ready you are.

Do you find yourself noticing every baby that passes or comes within 50 feet of you?

You may be strolling in the park in deep thought minding your own business and a couple with a baby passes by. You haven’t noticed any other people until now. You notice how happy they seem and wonder if you would be that happy.

Maybe you notice how tired they are and immediately tell yourself that you could handle the sleepless nights.

Have you been dreaming about being a mother?

Before I was pregnant with my first child, I had a recurring dream of walking to a house, right up to the front door.

I would stop at the door for a second, feeling a rush of peace. When I opened the door, it led to a living room. Sometimes there was a kitchen table to the far right.

Sometimes there was a couch in the middle of the room. I would walk to the middle of the room and a beautiful brown skinned, curly haired toddler would waddle up to me from behind.

This child had dimples when they smiled and long eyelashes. They had a big beautiful smile and eyes that sparkled.

That child would hug me and reach out to hold my hand. I had this dream many times and it got really frustrating because I saw it as a sign that I was supposed to be a mom.

Dreaming of being a mom is your mind processing your desire.

When you go to a family function, do you play with the kids more than spend time with the adults?

Being a grown up is great and all but kids have so much more fun. They are free of many worries that adults constantly think about like bills and work.

Their laughter is genuine and their imagination is vast. Believe it or not, not everyone is attracted to the thought or sight of children.

If you would rather spend your free time with kids than adults, that may be a sign that you should be a mom.

Have you baby proofed your home for when other people bring their kids over?

You don’t have any kids yet but you have put locks on the basement door to make sure the kids don’t accidentally fall down the stairs.

You have family or friends with kids and you invite them over so you can spend time with their kids and you have made sure to put plastic plugs in the outlets.

You have put all the toxic chemicals in a locked cabinet and all the sharp objects in a drawer out of reach from wandering hands.

These are signs that you have those protective maternal instincts.

Do you enjoy teaching children and enjoy watching them learn?

Whenever I babysat for my cousins, I would have storytelling time and made sure it was interactive so I could teach a new word or two. It was so rewarding to watch as they began remembering the word and when they recognized a word from a previous storytelling. Having that urge to teach kids is instinctual.

Moms are constantly teaching their kids, from the day they are born until old age. Having the patience and desire to teach is a good sign that you are ready for motherhood.

Does the sight of baby clothes and baby booties make you smile ear to ear?

If you say, “Awe” every time someone shows you a baby outfit or the little shoes or socks, that’s a sign. It gives you a warm feeling seeing clothes that small.

You start to imagine what your own child would look like in it. You may even start looking up baby stores that would like to shop from.

This is also a sign.

Have you already made a list of baby names ‘just in case’?

I had so many baby names that I actually wrote down. I even had categories for top 5 and top 10 for both boy and girl names.

I also had rules for coming up with a name like what letters that the names could not end with and who my child could not be named after like a character in a 70’s show.

If you have already given this a thought, then you have already passed the point of being ready. You are in the preparation stage. This is a sign you should be a mom.

Have you read all the major baby books and car seat manuals?

People tend to start preparing for parenthood when they feel it is a possibility and it is ok if you do. I get it.

There is a lot that goes into having a baby and you want to be prepared. It is a very good thing that you have this mindset. It will really help in the long run.

Women who have not had kids yet or just found out they are going to be a mom usually go through the research phase because they want to be completely ready for when they have a baby. This is a good sign you should be a mom.

Are you known for being protective and understanding?

My roommate in college used to tell me that I act like a mom because I would remind her to study and make sure she ate everyday. I honestly wanted her to be the best version of herself.

Moms are known for having someone else’s wellbeing in mind. I was always known for being understanding which is a good practice for a parent to have.

Kids like exploring new territories and testing new boundaries. Sometimes it gets them in trouble but moms know that it is a part of learning and growing.

You should be a mom

All of these are signs that you should be a mom and that you will be a pretty great one at that. Of course, this is not an all inclusive list.

Also, if you have not experienced any of these, it does not mean you shouldn’t be a mom. It could mean that you have not gotten to the point of recognizing it or that you have shown completely different signs.

Sometimes, motherhood does not show on a person until after they have their baby. It really just depends on the person.

For instance, a person that is an introvert that does not socialize with many people at work and outside of their family may not seem like they have the “mom” gene. However, once they have a baby they are the sweetest, most caring, most understanding, most adventurous person to their child. And that’s okay!

If you enjoyed this post or if you believed it helped you in any way, let me know. Please, leave a comment or feel free to email me! I would love to hear from you.

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